The Golf Club of New England


Situated on 450 acres of beautiful farmland, Arnold Palmer truly had a great canvas on which to paint his masterpiece. Inspired by the notion of no housing along the course, you will find much of the natural surroundings undisturbed and inviting. Large wooded areas, old stone walls, fields lined with giant oak trees, and tranquil flowing streams, all capture the natural beauty of New England.

Each hole uniquely takes advantage of the natural setting and environment to add breathtaking charm and splendor throughout the entire course. For those that have the opportunity to experience playing the course, they say that there is no other like it. Significant attention to detail goes into every aspect of the maintenance and operation to ensure it remains in absolutely excellent condition.

Whether you are in a cart winding down a tree lined path or setting out on foot, it is hard not to admire the beauty or be impressed with the character that makes up The Golf Club of New England.

The climate in New England allows our members to enjoy three distinct seasons of golf. In April the first golfers anxiously take to the course, as the surroundings quickly come into bloom with color and life. The warmth, bright sunshine, and long lazy days of summer make for excellent golfing. And then some members say the fall presents some of the best golfing experiences they have, with Indian summer-like days with brilliant foliage colors!

The rural setting of The Golf Club of New England is simply spectacular!