Thank you for your interest in our 2012 U.S. Junior Amateur Championship. This championship will be successful because of the volunteer support of our community, and we want you to take pride in being part of hosting such a prestigious and historic championship. Below are brief descriptions of the types of volunteer positions available.

Pre-Championship Assistance
Assembling player's packets. Assist in housing, transportation, scheduling and organizational detailers. Provide detail support for committee chairpersons.

Dates needed: July 13-16

Greet players, parents, caddies and other guests as they arrive. Conduct the check-in process, distribute players' packets. Provide directions, scheduling and other championship information as required.

Dates needed: July 13-15

Practice Range
Monitor and manage practice range, practice green and chipping areas. Greet players, caddies and coaches as they arrive. Place player name signs behind them as they practice. Clean and distribute practice balls. Manage and control spectator areas.

Dates needed: July 13-21


Assist USGA officials with collecting and posting scores and posting them to on-course scoreboards. Personnel performing this function must be able to read small numbers and use hand-held electronic devices to record scores.

Dates needed: July 16-21

Volunteer Support

Assist volunteers with check-in, assignment notification and verification. Issue and distribute meal tickets, answer questions, and provide transportation to assignments. Assist committee chairpersons in rescheduling, modifying and altering assignments as needed.

Dates needed: July 14-21


Greet players, caddies, coaches, parents, USGA officials and other guests at championship headquarters. Provide transportation to the championship; shuttle vehicles for players, caddies, USGA officials and family members from hotels to golf course and functions. Once the championship is completed, assist players in transportation to airports.

Dates needed: July 14-21

Parking / Transportation

At off-site parking locations, assist in parking arrangement and traffic flow. Provide transportation in championship shuttles from site to golf course. At golf course, ensure appropriate parking passes are displayed.

Dates needed: July 14-21

On-Site Operations

Replenish on course refreshments, water and other player needs. Shuttle players from the course to the clubhouse where required. Assist in other on course requirements.

Dates needed: July 14-21


Position on both sides of fairway on each hole to watch where player shots land. Mark location where ball landed with appropriate flags if in rough and assist in player search if ball cannot be found.

Dates needed: July 14-21

Walking Scorers

Walk with group of players and record their scores. Personnel must be able to read small numbers and use a hand-held electronic device to record scores.

Dates needed: July 19-21

Standard Bearers

Carry and update standards that display match play status at the end of each hole. Standard bearers must understand match-play scoring, and be physically able to carry the standard and walk the course.

Dates needed: July 19-21

Post-Championship Assistance

Package equipment and materials for USGA officials and championship committee. Assist in break down details and tasks.

Dates needed: July 21 until completed

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