On-Site Parking

There will be 4 parking areas on premise.  (refer to GCNE On-Site Parking Areas)
P1 Lot – the existing paved parking area.  Only the west half (west of the yellow line) will be available for parking.  Using the grass area adjacent to the west edge of the paved lot, it is estimated that 75 cars could be parked in this lot.   The area east of the fence and the tents will be pedestrian traffic only.
Reserved for: Handicap, Media, Automatic Qualifiers, Tournament Officials & Committee Chairs

P2a & 2b Lot
– Severino property – paved area, 29 spaces
Scroggins property- grass area 39 spaces
Reserved for: players and caddies  

P3 Lot
– Lower grass level accessed from Leigh Circle – 273 spaces
Reserved for: players, caddies, coaches, families, spectators

P4 Lot
– Upper grass level accessed from St. Andrew’s Way - 70 spaces 
Reserved for: employees, volunteers, spectators 

-will be for employees only
There will be NO PARKING on St. Andrews Way or Leigh Circle.

and P4 parking is strictly on grass.


Shuttle pick-up/drop-off: 

Standing area to wait for the shuttle will be located on the right side of Leigh Circle immediately after the left turn from Arnold Palmer Drive. 

Three shuttles will run from the course to the shuttle stop continuously for the entire tourney.

One shuttle will bring passengers from the far end of Parking Lot 3 to the shuttle stop area

One shuttle to bring passengers from Lot 4 to the shuttle stop area (when possible).


Off-Site Parking – if required

Greenland Central School – 125 spaces, assigned to volunteers: (refer to Parking Areas)

Lowes/Target lot – 235 spaces, assigned to spectators: (refer to Parking Areas)